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STIGA Table Tennis Bats stand out for their quality and technology. They are affordable and unlike some other brands, not too heavy.

In general, the more expensive the STIGA bat is, the better the quality wood and rubber. This is important because no two people play table tennis the same way.

STIGA design their bats to suit a wide range of playing styles and there are STIGA bats to suit all kinds of games whether it is defensive or offensive. Some people prefer flat-hitting shots with minimal spin while others like to loop (heavy-spin) the ball and in general, bats with “spinny” rubbers cost more.

There are lots of different technologies that affect bat performance. STIGA innovations include CR (Ultra-violet treatment surface) and NCT (Nano Technology), which harden the wood creating extra speed without adding weight to the bat.

Many of the rubbers glued to the bats have lightweight sponge attached to the rubber. This unique STIGA bat feature is known as ACS (Air Capsule System). STIGA has more types of technologies in their bat range than any other brand.

The other features that make STIGA bats attractive are the various handle shapes they come in. Small or large hand there is a handle that will feel comfortable for every player.

There are many STIGA bats in their complete range - literally dozens of them. One thing STIGA can guarantee is their endless commitment to quality and innovation.


As a company, STIGA are probably most famous for their table tennis blades. A blade is the wooden bat before the rubbers are glued onto it.

STIGA blades are made at their own factory in Sweden. This makes STIGA unique because nearly every other table tennis brand outsources their blade production. The advantage of this hands-on manufacturing is quality control, where STIGA is able to focus on attention to detail.

This is a major reason why top international players including the Chinese National team uses STIGA blades.

The woods STIGA use in their blade production is kept top-secret. What is known is the special drying processes they use during the manufacture of blades give their blades a unique and lively feel.

The WRB (Hollow-handle) system tends to keep STIGA blades lighter than competing brands and this allows quicker hand and bat response movement for blocking and aggressive attacking shots.

There are many types of STIGA blades. Most are 5-ply (layers of wood) which offers the best control. The more layers of wood, the faster the ball comes off the bat and the harder it is to control. As the blades get faster they can have additional materials and technological treatments.

Carbon layers are popular in the faster blades and new technologies like CR (Ultra-violet treatment) and NCT (Nano technology) harden the blade surfaces adding speed but not extra weight.

The most famous STIGA blades are the All-round Classic, the Offensive Classic and Clipper Wood. Nearly all STIGA blades are available in 3-5 different handle variations - Classic (straight), Master (Flared), Legend (Wide flared), Winner (anatomic) and Chinese penhold grip.

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