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STIGA Outdoor Table Tennis Tables are made in either Germany or China. STIGA was one of the first brands in the world to invent a fully outdoor table tennis table.

Outdoor table tennis tables are nearly as popular as indoor table tennis tables and have had a presence in Australia since the early 1990’s.

The German made STIGA outdoor ping pong tables have fully weatherproof resin board tops. These can range in thickness from 3.5mm to 10mm.

The Chinese made STIGA outdoor ping pong tables have a superb aluminium plastic top usually 4mm thick. STIGA was the first in the world to invent this special surface. The bounce is superb and consistent all over the table top and it is fully weatherproof.

On both the German and Chinese models the metal frame under carriages of the tables are fully anti rust treated and powder coated.

Always be wary of the brand that offers weather treated wooden tops as fully outdoor models. While these treated surfaces can offer some weather resistance, they are not fully weatherproof and will soon deteriorate if rained on or exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight.

While the bounce isn’t as high on outdoor table tennis tables compared to indoor table tennis tables, STIGA outdoor tables are still fun to play on and offer numerous advantages.

They are always light and therefore easy to manoeuvre around a backyard. The tables are very durable and will last for many years, especially if properly looked after.

All models offer playback mode meaning one half can be easily folded down for practice. The tables come in a range of designs from ultra-compact slim storage models to permanently set up tables made for schools and public places.

Please note that we always recommend buying a table cover to prolong the life of any STIGA Outdoor table tennis table that is stored outside.

Please visit our "Where to Buy" page if you are interested in buying an indoor table tennis table or visit www.aussietabletennis.com

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