Xu Xin still the world no.1!

The 2013 WTTC Men’s Singles bronze medalist Xu Xin remains no.1 on the new world ranking. The STIGA star who entered the WTTC in Paris as world no.1 reached semifinal, losing to world champion Zhang Jike.

Xu Xin’s choice of blade:   Intensity NCT

Guo Yue´s tenth title at the Worlds!

The STIGA-contracted Chinese won the doubles finals at the World Championships in Paris teaming Li Xiaoxia. They beat Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen, also China, in the finals 4-1 to capture their third World Champion title in a row. In the Finals the first game looked a little tensioned from Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia, who lost it 5-11. Then they showed their Chinese comrades no mercy: 11-5, 11-7, 11-5, 11-7. Well done Guo!

Legendary Ukrainian Head Coach joins Team STIGA!

The Legendary Gevorgizov Volodymyr - Head Coach for the Ukrainian Men’s Team joins Team STIGA. A great STIGA ambassador that will be very important for the future in this region.

Welcome to Team STIGA!

Spanish National Team member Marc Duran joins Team STIGA!

The Spanish National Team member Marc Duran joins Team STIGA! The young but well experienced player who represents Spain at the WTTC in Paris has chosen to play with Clipper Wood and the brand new Calibra Tour M!

Welcome to Team STIGA!

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