STIGA History (Part 3)

Stiga Handles

Left: Old classic handle. An old STIGA Alsér 

Right: New classic handles. The latest selection blade. STIGA of hardwoods. 

THE FINAL RESULT OF THE PRODUCT depends on thickness and the kind of woods that is to be used.

“To pick the very right trees at the very right moment is decisive”, Bandstigen continued. “We are very close to our raw material. We literally pick out the trees from all around the world that we want to use in our production and since we are financially strong, we also have the possibility to buy big quantities when the trees are exceptionally good but we are never satisfied. Everything we do, we want to do even better.”

Stiga factory

Growing plant. Overview of STIGA in Eskilstuna. Photo: STIGA  

Sweden and Northern Europe is still the home base for STIGA but never before in the company ́s long history has it been as open to the world as it is today. The full table tennis assortment of STIGA equipment is sold in 140 countries!

In the fast-growing Chinese market STIGA has been very shrewd by contracting key players and key persons in the Chinese organization to start long term relations. Recently STIGA choose to set up a subsidiary company in China, instead of working through single distributors. The head office is situated in a fashion district of Beijing, where some 25 people work under the lead of former Chinese national player Huang Dawei. He has played table tennis and lived in Sweden for many years and is familiar in both cultures and languages.

THE CHINESE ADVENTURER BANDSTIGEN and his crew see a long and exciting journey into the future. The market has a tremendous potential in a country where some 15 to 40 million people are playing on an active regular competition basis and where the hobby market could involve a couple of hundred million people!

“We have a solid ground to build the future from”, Mats Bandstigen explains. “Not only in China but in all countries we are established. We are very proud of what we have achieved. We have had a good profit and have earned some money over the years but satisfied we are not.”

To maintain an eager and dynamic STIGA, Bandstigen always engages competitive and passionate people as employees.

“That is what it takes to always be in the front line with all our products – blades, rubbers, nets, bags, balls, tables – everything. “

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